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Michael77: "Electric car batteries"
Complete Lithium batteries from the following crashed electric cars:

- Kia Soul - 2016. 13000km (96 cells x 75Ah or 27kWh). Lithium brand: SK innovation. 4500€
- Citroen C-Zero - 2014 35500km (80 cells x 50Ah or 14,5kWh). Lithium Ion brand: GS Yasa. 2000€
- BMW i3 - 2014 41000km (96 cells x 60Ah or 22,3kWh). Lithium Ion brand: Samsung. 2500€

I have the possibility to check the Ah capacity if needed. All cells are visually checked and voltage measured to be sure that there is no sign of faults. Batteries has to be picked up/collected in the south of Sweden.

Best regards//Michael

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