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elambert: "Opinion about a new mounting system"

I'm sorry for writting in english, but I'm from Spain and I don't speak german :(

I'd like to ask you for an opinion about the plastic mounting system I've created.

I know much people think plastic is not so reliable as steel or aluminium, but I've performed a couple of tension and ageing tests, and I got good results, that showed me it can stand the pass of 25 years without suffering almost any damage. That made me think if plastic can withstand the same as steel, and is cheaper, why don't I replace steel by plastic?
Then I used a mounting rail made of hot galvanized steel (which is the only steel piece in the system) and developed a plastic clamping system which fits in the mounting rail perfectly, with the main advantage that it doesn't need screws or tools to clamp.

I've attached an image and hope you give me some opinion about that.

Thank you very much. ;)

Grapa.jpg [ 36.48 KiB | 399-mal betrachtet ]
benny: "Opinion about a new mounting system"
Hola elambert,

que tal? No hablo ingles pero un poco espanol.
Que es con la radiación UV?

Saludos Benny

elambert: "Opinion about a new mounting system"
Hola Benny

El plástico usado en la fabricación de la grapa está reforzado con fibras y adictivos para resistir a los rayos UV. He realizado una prueba de envejecimiento y se ve que hasta pasados 26 años y medio la grapa no sufre ningún tipo de deterioro. Pero si se lleva en cuenta el hecho de que no se oxida y de que no hace falta ninguna herramienta o tornillo para montar, seria muy competitivo con el acero.
Cual es tu opinión Benny, y gracias por el esfuerzo.

elhaber: "Opinion about a new mounting system"
What about inner material stability at the edge of the retension-Arcs, holding the panel down?
What forces can be realized for clamping with the grid?
What dureability against oxidizing and rust is held with the rails in an humidity and sometimes acid industrial atmosphere?

I hope, that you use Carbon-Filled Nylon without weaking-additionals.


elambert: "Opinion about a new mounting system"
Hi elharber

The last tension test I performed with these clamps showed me it can support a charge of 2400Pa without problems. This material is reinforced with fibers, which improves the material stability, giving it enough hardness to hold panels.
The rails are made of hot galvanized steel, guaranteed by the provider as it'll never oxide. Otherwise, is case of oxidation, it'll keep on working well, as the clamps doesn't oxide because it's made of plastic. There's no reason for it to work differently.

What is your opinion elharber??
Hope I have answered everything alright...

See ya

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